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Take a trip down memory lane with Danny O as he speaks with some of the most noteable figures in the sports world.

Hank AaronHank Aaron spends a few minutes at the mike with Danny O at Spring Training.

Hank AaronHank Aaron, who had recently put away home run number 700, speaks with Danny O (middle) before the All-Star game in K.C.



Hank AaronHank Aaron with Danny

Richie Ashburn, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, who won the National League Batting Championship in 1955 and 1958 visits with Danny Olson on KSOO as guest speaker role Richie Ashburnin Souix Falls, January, 1959.  Ashburn is Major League's No. 3 "Iron Man" next to the immortal Lou Gehrig and Stan Musial.

Ernie BanksChicago Cubs great Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub.  

Danny with ESPN sportscaster Chris BermanChris Berman, one of ESPN's most noteable sportscasters, with Danny at a media event.

Legendary University of Minnesota football coach Bernie Bierman with DannyO in 1960 interview.  Bernie BiermanKnown as "The Gray Eagle" due to his prematurely gray, he is still the most winning coach in U of M history with a 93-35-6 career record, five undefeated seasons, seven Big 10 titles and five National Championships. 

George BrettGeorge Brett takes a moment before a game on a hot Kansas City day to talk with Danny O during his near-.400 batting season.

Rod CarewHitting extraordinare Rod Carew of the Minnesota Twins speaks with Danny O at Spring Training in Orlando, Fla., before the 1976 baseball season.

See Rod's 1976 Twins Yearbook page that includes a photo of Danny and Rod.

Wilt Chamberlain
Wilt Chamberlain with DannyO
prior to SF All-Stars pre-lim game
to Globe Trotters - Washington game.

Wilt Chamberlain
7' 1" Wilt "The Stilt" gives DannyO an exclusive interview before Trotters-Washington Nationals game.

Roberto ClementeRoberto Clemente takes a break from Spring Training to speak with Danny.

Ty CobbTy Cobb gives Danny an interview while some young baseball fans look on.

Bob Costas and DannyDanny with sportscasting great, Bob Costas.

Danny with Dizzy DeanDizzy Dean at the KSOO mike during the 1960 spring training season in Scottsdale, Ariz.

DannyO with Larry Doby in 2000 at Salisbury, N.C.  Doby broke the color barrier with Cleveland in the American League in 1947.

Don DrysdaleDon Drysdale gives Danny a quote for the day's sports news.

Charles Finley, Luke Appling and Danny OCharles Finley (left), Luke Appling and Danny Olson doing a television interview at Spring Training.

Joe Foss and Danny OJoe Foss and Danny on KSOO Radio.

Carroll HardyCarroll Hardy  

Solly HemusSolly Hemus

Frank HowardFrank Howard,
Washington Senators

Dick HowserDick Howser, Coach, N.Y. Yankees


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